Elvis Sighting

Nov 1, 2009

For those of you who haven't heard, there was an Elvis sighting over the weekend in Mt. P. He was looking pretty youthful and handsome as ever! He stopped for a couple photos and didn't seem to mind the paparazzi.

Ok...so it wasn't really an Elvis sighting, but you have to admit that he does make a pretty awesome Elvis. He did beam with pride as he walked along and people pointed and said, "Look...It's Elvis!"

He did stop and had some fun coloring, jumping in the jump castle and taking a ride on the horse drawn hayride.

Elvis did enter into a photo costume contest with Y102.5. Voting will open on Monday, November 2nd. All votes are greatly appreciated!


NancyG November 01, 2009  

Oh...and I forgot to mention that he does have one of the proudest Mommas EVER...but I'm sure y'all could have already guessed that!

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