What little boys are made of

Jan 26, 2010

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Alligator Tails?

That's what my boy is made of! This past weekend, Hunter and I went to Bee City for a day of fun; just the two of us. This past nine weeks, Hunter really stepped up his game. He made the A/B honor roll, had perfect attendance, met his A/R goal and He received the citizenship award from his teacher. So what is a proud Momma to do? Well, we headed out to the great outdoors for a fun day of "boy stuff".

You know...like hunting holding GATORS!

And why YES, this is a real alligator and YES I let Hunter hold it (because I'm cool like that) and NO she does NOT have her mouth taped shut. Hunter was fascinated with the baby alligator. I thought she was pretty cool too and would make an awesome pocket book. Just Kidding...

They also tried to get Hunter to hold a few snakes and a tarantula, but there was no way that was going to happen. I really wanted to hold the tarantula, but I was too chicken liver.

Among holding a gator, he also held a turtle and fed some goats, monkeys, lemurs, chickens and rabbits. His favorite though was this little guy (or shall I say girl).

Although she did get pretty close, she would not eat out of Hunter's hand. He was a little disappointed, but thrilled that he was able to get this close to a deer.

Hunter and I had a lot fun. I'm so proud of his recent accomplishments and the smart young man he is becoming (minus the smart mouth). I love you Hunter. You make your Momma proud!


Momma February 05, 2010  

I love my Hunter!

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