There's No Future in the Past...

Dec 17, 2013

With every post I always say that I'm going to post more often.  And before I know it, time has gone by, things have changed and it's been months since I last blogged.

I'm not even sure where to start.  This year didn't exactly start off like I had ever imagined.  By March every hope, dream and prayer I had seemed to be crushed.  My marriage of 6 1/2 years was over.  I prayed so hard that God would bring us back together and we would be able to reconcile.  And then it became very clear to me.  Pastor Perry Noble with preached on a series and one thing I learned was God loves me, is always with me and has greater plans for me.  No matter how hard I prayed, we have to remember to pray according to God's will.  I truly had to accept that maybe I wasn't praying according to God's will and just maybe it wasn't meant to be.  Just admitting this alone brings tears to my eyes and is hard to accept.  I've remained silent about so much and to protect my children, I choose to still do so.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I chose to focus on goodness and blessings in my life.  I have a job with Berchtold Corporation and work with some awesome people.  People that I consider my friends.  They have went from being complete strangers to helping wipe away tears when  I needed someone the most to just be there for me.  You truly do find out who your friends are and who will turn their back and pretend they saw nothing.  To my true friends, I will be forever grateful.  God has truly put you in my life for a reason.  You have been like His angels helping me see my way.


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